Holiday gift guide 2023 - What to get a magician?!

Struggling with gift ideas for the magician friend or significant other in your life? We got you!

First things first, if you are a magician reading this, you can close this post now! If you are not a magician but are looking for a gift for one, well this is for you!

The world of magic is built on secrets and mystery and it makes it super confusing to navigate if you are not already part of it. This is why we decided to put together a realistic list to help you get something really nice for the magician in your life.

Should I get a trick?

Need to get this out of the way first, this is a massive risk! Magic is extremely diverse and it is SUPER hard to know what any magician is into (trust us, this is our livelihood to know and it aint easy). There is coin magic, card magic, band magic, prop magic, kids magic, levitation magic, mentalism and so much more and unless you know the exact collection of the magician in question it will be really hard to be spot on with what you gift! 

If you do want to gift a trick, we can suggest to look up a magic shop in your area and see if they offer Gift Cards in this case. It is a bit less personal but it will guarantee that the person gets exactly what they need. If you are in the UAE, we do offer Brown Bear Magic Gift Card Here!

Magic Book? 

Unfortunately, books tend to have the same issue, there are just too many of them and it will be really hard to get the right one! If you do really want to go for one however, there is one recommendation and that is the David Copperfield History of Magic

It is a gorgeous book filled with great stories from the history of the artform. It is a book that magicians rarely would own as it does not contain any tricks so most skipped it but as a gift it would be greatly appreciated.

Playing Cards // Price 15 AED - 400 AED

Ok this may be obvious but hey it is always a sure bet. 99% of magicians know some card tricks. Any magician will be pretty stoked to get a deck of cards! The best part is, there are a ton of cards to choose from! Just our store has over 850 different varieties and they are all great. A nice premium deck of cards will cost you anywhere from 40 AED to 75 AED. If you do not know what to go for, then you can check out a range of Theory11 which are always very well designed and come on quality stock. Another brand that never disappoints is Art of Play. These cards are always of the highest stock quality and have a gorgeous design with a very distinct feel. Alternatively, you can just browse our full collection and just pick something that might spark your interest! There are cards in the theme of films, music, pop culture, art and so much more so you really can't go wrong here.

Explore the full collection here!

Anything you choose will have either collector value or will be usable for a magician. Even if you need a small stocking stuffer, you can just get a back of regular Bicycle Rider Back Playing Cards or Tally Ho Playing Cards if you are feeling fancy. It is like getting a man some socks. Basic, but hey its socks!!! They are useful!

Playing Card Carry // Price 37 AED - 95 AED

Now we covered the cards, something a bit more advanced would be a Playing Card Carry. This is always something useful as carrying the same thing would be boring, plus even if you get the same case than what the magician has, they wear out and having a spare is always useful!

These start as low as 37 AED for a Basic Card Clip or if you want to get fancy you can go for a Leather Card Clip. At the moment we still have the Blue Ostrich Leather clips available!

Playing Card Displays // Price 77 AED - 200 AED

Ok this is the final one on cards we promise! Card displays are another thing which make great gifts. The price range is vast, almost all magicians have cards which they would not mind to keep in a nice display or box. It is something that a lot of magicians would not buy for themselves but would definitely be happy to receive. Also, if they already have it, another one would never hurt!

The displays can range from the TCC Basic Card Display to a beautifully crafted Card Cabinet. You can also get a wall mounted one too with a 35 Deck Display! Heaps of options to choose from.

Carrying Case or Bag // Price 120 AED - 200 AED

Ok we are finally out of the realm of Cards! Another avenue you can go down, if the magician in question goes out to perform, you can get him/her a case for their tricks! These again are something they will be happy with even if they have one as theirs will wear out and a backup is always welcome!

The best ones currently are the ones made by TCC and can start at the Cloth Close up Bag at 126 AED all the way up to the Luxury Leather Bag at 340 AED.

Additionally if the person is a hobbyist and likes to bring their magic out and about there is a lovely option of the TCC Organizer which just ticks all the boxes.

Sherpa // Price 150 AED

Ok this is mainly for professionals. A Sherpa is a case for a Sharpie pen that gives it a premium feel. Almost all magicians use Sharpies so a Sherpa would not be out of place. As it is a very niche product, the price does bite and its the reason why a lot of magicians skip on it, but if your budget is in the 150 AED range then this would be a fantastic gift!

We only have a couple left but expect to receive more soon! Feel free to reach out for timings :)

Ticket to a Show // Price Varies

Magicians love to see magic! So tickets to a magic show would always be a great option! Plus if it is a significant other, it is a great activity to do together. Nothing like sharing a moment of wonder to strengthen any connection. We recommend to check out the billboard for anything coming up in your city and in case you are based in Dubai, we can recommend to check out the show CONNECTED by Mind2Mind which now runs every weekend at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel Theater!

You can check out the show and pick up tickets with our special discount here.

Or if this is for a friend you can get a Voucher instead so the person can pick a date that will work for them here!

Hope this helps!

We sincerely hope that you find this guide useful and as always if you ever need any advise, just drop us a line in the chat on the bottom right or on whatsapp at +971 58 152 5537 or just give us a call at +971 4 447 5799. We will be delighted to help with the best possible option for the magician in your life! 

Happy Holidays!

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