Highlight of the week: On Edge by Angelo Carbone

Hello there!

This week we have an exciting new release On Edge by Angelo Carbone!

We wanted to try something different and instead of just notifying you of new releases, we wanted to share our thoughts and advice on them!


On Edge is a beautiful illusion of impossible balance in which you construct a castle of playing cards and then proceed to remove part of the foundation of it, yet the castle stands!


It is not too difficult and the instructions are great! You get everything you need but there is a process in building the castle and achieving the balance with a lot of moving parts so it is definitely not self working and will require practice.


This is not really a close up piece. It can be performed close up but you would be very exposed to a lot of outside factors. Where the trick shines is as a parlour piece or in social media. Paired with a good story it can captivate an audience. On Social Media you can expect great engagement in the comments since the trick does have a puzzle quality to it which always generates speculation on how it works 😁


This trick is not for everyone. If you have the opportunity of performing parlour pieces where you can tell a story this is a wonderful piece. Arguably a much more organic version of Joshua Jay's Balance which is delightfully baffling and tantalizing for the senses and is much more practical since all you need is contained in a box of cards. Price is 328 AED (84.95$ + 5%VAT) which is a reasonable rate for a parlour piece that can fill a good 10-15min if scripted right.


Check it out HERE


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