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Chinese coin N2G

Nice quality and weight.. Value for money. I loved it.

MENTAL DIE by Tony Anverdi
Mohammed Abduljabbar
The best gimmick I own

Work on real time and enable endless possibilities of tricks

Spider Pen X by Yigal Mesika
Mohammed Abduljabbar
Great for camouflage

The original silver cap looks better but this black one hide and camouflage better


Great American made bycicle deck

Loops Legends by Yigal Mesika
Mohammed Abduljabbar

Nice video and the inner circle card is very useful too. I carry my loops every where now

Scotch and soda

Nice product and quality.. I love that.. The effect of this trick is awesome

Hyakki Yagyo (Yokai Realm) Playing Cards by Bloom Playing Cards

Mummy trick

Bought for my youngest daughter (6yo) great trick to get them interested and building self confidence.

James Bond 007 Playing Cards by theory11

Absolutely Amazing

As a magician who likes to use magic apps in my repertoire, this is just “wow”

Superb! 👍 #Amazing #Fantastic

Amazing card design 👏 , better than expected.

magic - easy

Bought this for my young aspiring 13 y.o. card enthusiast... and must say if you do not know exactly what you need to watch out for, the marks are not detectable - .,. but still easy to read if you know where to focus. Can't wait to see what routines he will come up with .. Have never owned or seen other marked decks - but I guess for me, now,
there will be no need to.

Amazing cards - handles well

Amazing cards - handles well

Review of Prestige 2.0

This product is awesome. It is easy to handle, and the storyline can be changed for every performance, as it's got rewritable surface placards. I also liked the protective case to store it nicely. Go for it !!

Perfect EDC!

Love it! Always in my wallet.


Collecting all of HP cards only one missing waiting for it to be available in stock so I can get it

My go to trick

I think double cross is one of those tricks that is my instant go to. Very simple and easy to use. Hits massive and super satisfying. It's an instant buy for me.

Not bad. Not great either.

It's one of those tricks you can easily keep in your pocket or if the conditions are right and you have a prop similar you can do it on the fly. This trick ticks all those boxes and its very cool. However, it doesn't have that impact where "everyone" gets to see the magic. Just one person. I understand that it makes it special for that person and gives only them that one memory. The filming and production quality is amazing. However, this could easily be cut down a lot, the video could be shorter, and the props doesn't have to be included. If this was a $10 product its an instant by. but for the price I would start to explore other options.

Morgan Coins

They’re the best, and high quality coins ever🔥🔥🔥

Copper Silver Coin (Half Dollar/English Penny) by Tango

One of the best classics in coin magic which allows you to perform quick change from half dollar to English penny plus many routines.

One of my dream book of magic

I’m big fan of Dan & Dave, the fact that I got this book from you, it is a dream come true. Thank you Brown Bear Magic❤️❤️❤️

The Great Square Ball Mystery by Goshman

The square ball is so nice,very practical,and easy to perform.Goshman never disappoints

Aristocrat Orange Edition Playing Cards


Easy and visual thing. Using this stuff already for a 7 years and there it’s always makes a wow effect no matter where you performing it) Perfect EDC)