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Using bizarre phenomena to reveal the outcome of a magic effect is one of the most common presentations in magic. Almost every magician performs one reveal or another and almost no spectators are not surprised by it.

Although not a 'prediction' effect in the strictest sense, we usually refer to such effects as 'predictions'.

For example, the well-known Ashes On The Arm effect. A word or playing card the audience member is thinking of is revealed by smearing a small amount of ash across the magician's arm. Or the reveal using a lighter to bend a wire into the shape of the audience member's selected playing card.

There are countless ways to reveal a prediction, but revelations using water seem to be rarely seen.

Check out the video:

Water Spirit by Peng Kai is a fresh and novel way to reveal a prediction.

A piece of information that is seemingly not known to the performer is thought of by the audience member, it could be a number, a letter, a playing card, a simple shape, etc... The performer then takes out a blank piece of paper, with a little amount of water, the information the audience member is thinking of appears on the piece of paper.

Clean and direct.

The core components of Water Spirit consist of two parts: a special solution + a secret writing device.

It is not limited by the type of paper. Almost any paper can be used, in addition to the paper pad provided with your set, any non-waterproof paper can be used to present your reveals, such as various office supply printing paper, notebooks, and memo pads. Once the prediction is written, it can be stored for a long time and presented when needed.

It is also almost not limited by the type of liquids either. Tea, milk tea, coffee, orange juice, etc. can be used to reveal your prediction.

Those who are into mental magic will understand Water Spirit is a powerful and practical tool.

Its uses are endless:

Immediately reveal information given by the audience, such as random numbers (Swami style);
Through various mentalism methods such as peeks, the information is revealed after obtaining information in secret, such as the initials someone is thinking of;
Perform divination type effects by forcing certain information;
Plant the reveal in your friend's notebook(s) and perform a miracle the next time you meet
The visual effect is very rapid and perceptible. This is the best formula discovered & further developed by Peng Kai and his team after nearly a thousand trials and experimentation.

Although it is consumable, the amount needed each time is very small, and one vial will last hundreds of performances.

Another key factor that makes the entire operation covert is the writing device Peng Kai has included, which allows you to easily and covertly write the information on the paper.
  • Reveal predictions in water
  • Almost any type of paper can be used. Reveal anything from playing cards to numbers
  • Includes a hand-crafted covert writer
  • A powerful multi-use tool
  • Enough for hundreds of performances in normal use
Special Note: Due to international shipping restrictions, Water Spirit will only ship with an empty vial and special gimmicks. There are no liquids included.

After receiving it, you need to blend the mixture yourself. It can be successfully put together using household items(Very simple) and adjusted for special circumstances. Please keep the special formula a secret.

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