Vivid Kingdoms Playing Cards

AED 140

The highest funded playing card project in history with a total funding of $2,143,826 from 23,147 backers!

I'm Ten Hundred. I am an artist, designer, muralist and YouTuber. For many years I have dreamed of making my own custom deck of art playing cards. I was always intimidated to start the project. I knew it would be a lot of work. I always found a way to put it on the back burner.

But one day I thought to myself, " the only way to complete a monumental project is to just start." So... I started. I decided to document the entire project on my YouTube channel.


// THE DECK //
Printed by United States Playing Card Company (Makers of Bicycle Decks)
- 52 Illustrated Cards
- 2 Illustrated Ad Cards
- 2 Custom Jokers
- Thin Crushed Stock

- Premium Matte Stock on Tuck Case
- Embossed Tuck Case
- Additional Custom Die Cut Sleeve that slides over the Tuck Case
- Custom Foil Seal

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