Vape Thruu by Luke Oseland


Borrowed Vape Through Bill

Object through bill effects are incredible, but they all have one flaw.

Not all of the items are borrowed, it's either your pen, your pencil or your sharpie.

Now, these effects are still great, but they aren't very modernized. People don't carry pens like they used to... but at least 1 person within every group you meet will carry a vape.

With the VAPE THRUU gimmick, you'll be able to borrow both objects (JUUL & BILL) making it completely universal.

  •  Borrow 1 or both items
  •  No switches
  •  Works with all JUUL colors
  •  Takes almost no pocket space
  •  Can be performed in person or online
  •  Ends clean, they can examine both items

With an estimated 70% of the global e-cigarette market, JUUL is the most recognised 'vape' on the planet. This allows the vape to be brought into and out of play without any suspicion - people see them every day.

It also puts 'cigarette-style' magic tricks into the hands of people who don't smoke or vape, as you don't need to carry a real cigarette or JUUL to perform this effect. It can all be borrowed.

Luke also shares some bonus ideas:

  • Bite and spit your vape back together
  • Visually throw the cartridge back on
  • + an ultra-clean double gimmick version

Engineered to hide in plain sight, VAPE THRUU is looked at but never seen.

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