Uncle Tibia Odd Fellows Playing Cards by Stockholm 17

AED 95

The Odd Fellows are a care-free crew, unbothered by the norms of "functioning members of society".  Come aboard and meet a couple of supremely odd characters, each with their own blend of cards and art packaged in personality that's almost too much for your eyes to handle.

This project is the first official P52-branded project created as an ode to our love of playing cards. Join our crew in a celebration of the odd and reckless. 

Uncle Tibia is hard to scare and has a preference for those cooler tones that the deep seas bring. His pearlized tuckbox features a shimmering sea urchin purple with sea foam and cerulean foil. Look closely and you'll see the barrel marks embossed and debossed throughout. The back side features Uncle Tibia himself along with his tooth collection. 


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