Ultra Lucky Coin by Erik Tait

AED 155

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“This is my secret weapon. I love this!” - Magick Balay

"This is my new favorite version of this plot, which kills me because it's better than mine." - Jon Armstrong

"Things I won't leave my house without Keys, Wallet, Phone, Cards, and now Ultra Lucky Coin." - Robert Ramirez

"I have been lucky to play with Ultra Lucky Coin and I must say it is ultra-effective! There are already several strong and practical routines you can perform with what you get and there is still room for personal ideas and variations. Well done Erik!" - Boris Wild

"I love Erik Tait's Lucky Coin. Used it last night at a corporate event and it killed." -Nathan Kranzo

One of the strongest tricks in your close-up arsenal is back, and it’s better than ever before. The smash-hit of 2018 that we couldn’t keep in stock has returned with new reveals, an improved gimmick, added routines from Nick Locapo, and it’s now in multiple languages. Become the luckiest performer your audience has ever seen with Ultra Lucky Coin from Erik Tait.

Here’s what happens. A poker chip is introduced, and a bet is offered. After a card is selected and lost in the deck, the spectator is invited to place the chip anywhere on a spread of cards. If the spectator’s selected card is not underneath the chip, then the spectator can keep the poker chip. When there is only one card remaining, the chip is turned over to reveal the words “Your card” on the back of the chip. After the groaning from the joke subsides, the card underneath the chip is revealed to be the selected card. Just when they think the trick is over, the Your Card joke on the back of the chip magically transforms into a miniature version of the selected card.

Ultra Lucky Coin comes with updated instructions featuring Erik Tait and Nick Locapo. They teach their signature routines for use with both of the Fine Print and Ultra Lucky gimmicks you receive when your purchase this trick. The casino-grade poker chips are made from high-quality materials with poly-carbonate labels designed to last a lifetime. The power of this trick is not to be underestimated. Some of the hardest working magicians in the world count on Ultra Lucky Coin to get huge reactions, and now you can too.

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    Elchino Batulay
    Perfect EDC!

    Love it! Always in my wallet.