TOTEM by Alex Ng and Henry Harrius

AED 193
A devious mentalism piece that resembles REAL MIND CONTROL!

Totem is a multiple-phase mentalism routine that ends with a surprising climax. A gold-foiled coin is introduced and the spectator is asked to hold onto it. Throughout an imaginary journey with the magician, the spectator would end up with several decisions in their mind: a random number, a color, a city, a flower, and a painting. As the final surprise, the coin that the spectator held the entire time is revealed to be a poker chip that matches every single decision they made.

Everything is made possible with the ingenious structure of the routine combining multiple mentalism principles like psychological forces. Your prediction will ALWAYS HIT dead on. It is truly a killer tool that deserves to be carried in your pocket all the time.

"A steam lined and sure fire routine combining a number of classic methods resulting in a demonstration that will astound and surprise your audiences."
- Colin Mcleod

"The props are devious. The blending of methods both new and old are quite clever and well structured. Totem will easily find its way into the daily repertoire of the modern mystery performer."
- Patrick Redford

"This is like having a mini act in your pocket. The way psychological forces are used, connected with the final phase of the routine is very clever so that you can always be accurate in the final reveal. This is something that for sure will be always in my pocket!"
- Luca Volpe

"I love sneaky methods. Totem delivers one after another to give a multiple revelation routine that takes up no pocket space at all. What more could you want?"
- Jon Allen


Q: What is included?
- A specially designed Poker Chip
- New exclusively-designed gimmicks
- 100 sheets of gold foil paper
- A special gimmick

Q: How easy is it to carry around?
- You just use a poker chip and it definitely won't take much pocket space.

Q: Can I shorten or extend the routine?
- Yes, the routine can be adjusted to your desire. It can be more streamlined or have extra elements on it. Alex go through every details extensively in the tutorial.

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