The Vault- The Evolution Project 2 Distance by Alejandro Navas

Incredible, touch free, interactive card magic for live or zoom!

The performer, never touches the cards, ever.

DIACHRONY (card to pocket): A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The card appears in the spectator's pocket!

SYNC (ACCAM): Two spectators say a number at random and the third spectator's card appears in that position in the deck they are holding...

SUCCEDING (Triumph): The most surprising triumph effect that happen sin the hands of the spectator, even after they mix the cards. A hard to believe, impossible method that you will love!

"If you liked the Evolution Project vol.1 then you are going to love this one. Alejandro managed to make the routines more direct, practical and strong. Highly recommended for the virtual performer..."
Adrian Lacroix

"The Evolution project 2 is a perfect assembly of novel where you will find magic EVOLVED and out of this world"
Ernesto Melero

"Alejandro Navas takes distance for the impossible to come closer to our mind without any contact. He gets the impossibility closer by getting far and maintaining the magic power."
Miguel Ángel Gea

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