The Poliza by Adrian Vega

AED 116
"I just want to say Bravo! Adrian has taken this classic plot as far as it can go - with a beautiful concept and handling for a new, surprising finish people will love!"

There are a lot versions of this effect out there, but none like this!

Imagine taking one of the most performed card trick from beginners to professional magicians and turning it into an impossible miracle. This is what Adrian Vega did with "The Poliza".

Adrian Vega has totally reinvented the old trick called "Insurance Policy Trick" by Tommy Windsor, where for FIRST TIME, the "insurance" really finds the card, the SIGNED CARD.

This is a huge twist for this great idea full of new gags and lines and with a very amazing ending that elevates this "gag" to a really impossible trick.

The magician fails trying to find the signed card, so he decides to use his insurance to fix the mistake. He opens the insurance policy to see if he is covered for this, and after a lot of comedy he finally finds the signed card inside to the golden envelope in a very impossible way.

You and your audience will enjoy it performing this new miracle and the best part...

NO RESET is required!! It is always ready to go!

So, this is perfect for ANY situation (strolling magic, close up, parlor or even stage). Pack small, play BIG!

Adrian Vega shares with you years of study of this classic, with different presentations and different handlings for different situations (palming, no palming, very easy versions, etc...).

  • A huge twist of the classic "Insurance Policy Trick"
  • New lines, new comedy and new ending!
  • The signed card appears in an impossible location.
  • The "Insurance" could be in front of the audience from the beginning.
  • Different handlings for different situations.
  • Great quality of the "Insurance" and the Golden Envelope.
  • Different languages available! (English, Spanish, Japanese,....)
Directly from his working repertoire... "THE POLIZA" by Adrian Vega.

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