The Magicians Playing Cards, Card Game and Puzzle

AED 63

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Inspired by the Golden Age of Magic, these playing cards pay homage to some of magic's biggest performers and also some of it's most innovative creators.

Each court card is abundant with rich information about the magic world. These contain the name of a famous magical effect (such as "TnR", "Ambitious Effect", etc.) and features the portrait of a famous magician. Each court card is also a small puzzle featuring clues that hint at a magician themed movie.

Each number card features a famous magician, a prop used by magicians and an effect created or usually performed by that artist.

Card Game - The deck comes together with a set of instructions that teaches you how you can use the court cards to battle your magician friends. This game has been created with the intent in mind to give magicians a game to play together, while also providing them with a tool they can use to practice their repertoire or come up with new ideas.

The embossed tuck case takes inspiration from a Victorian Era painting which showcases a devil playing cards with the magician on stage. On the inside of the tuck case you will find the names of all the backers who have helped make this project a reality.

Printed with Taiwan Playing Card Co (TWPCC). They are one of the upcoming playing cards production companies in the world. The cards are printed with their latest soft stock called the luxury stock. These cards are made responsibly, with sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating, and vegetable-based inks

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