The Grail by Mike Rose & Alakazam Magic / The Complete Work

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Mike Rose's Grail is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best predicted card at any number ever created!

100% rating and The Worker Award on The Wizard Magic Review!! (23/8/2023)

'Peter's impromptu version of The Grail is genius! His routining has some very clever overlapping of methods which makes it an impenetrable mystery. 
Congratulations on a masterpiece!'
Marc Paul

'I watched this two times in a row and now both furious and delighted. I was fooled by it TWICE!'- Beau Cremer

"The Grail" was always a favourite of mine but the new impromptu version absolutely kills it! It's a new every day carry for sure! - Magick Balay

'Oh Man this is fantastic! This is not a re release, you have improved everything here! This is a 100% fooler' - Luca Volpe
'I seldomly use the sentence "I was fooled' when referring to an effect, but I'm happy to actually use it when referring to the impromptu version of The Grail. This fooled me and fooled me badly. I had no clue!' - Nikolas Mavresis

‘I’ve always enjoyed The Grail and I still remember how fooled I was when I first saw it performed all those years ago. Peters new borrowed Shuffled deck handling is a really special thing. That alone is worth the price of admission’ - Chris Rawlins

'I wasn’t a big fan of ACAAN’s but when Pete showed me Mike Rose’s Grail it started to peek my interest. The method is just so clever and the plot makes sense. Yesterday Pete showed me his new impromptu version and I was Floored. Such clever thinking, I absolutely love it!'- Colin Claus

'The Grail has always been in my opinion a real world, workable and hugely effective version of the classic premise. I couldn't see how it could be improved but the impromptu version is outstanding and the stage and Grail Synergy versions make this project a must have!'- Marc Spelmann

In 2004 Alakazam Magic premiered Mike Rose's brilliant creation The Grail at MindVention in Las Vegas. It baffled everyone including some of the biggest names in magic and mentalism, and guess what? it still does!

Over the years both Mike Rose and Peter Nardi have be adding to the effect and now finally we are please to offer you the complete work on this amazing effect.

What's The Basic Effect?

A prediction card is placed facedown on the table and a boxed deck of cards are introduced. Your spectator names any number from 1-52 (and yes it can be any number),. The deck is handed to your spectator, they look through the deck to confirm it's just a regular deck and they start counting to their number. As impossible as it may seem the prediction card on the table matches the card at their number!

Now get this, there is only one prediction card on the table (it is not switched) and the card is placed down before they even give you the number. From the moment you hand the spectator the deck you do not touch the prediction or deck again! This really is the best CAAN ever! but with this collection you get so much more!

Included In The Box

The Original Grail (Props Included)

This was the version that started it all. Mike's original creation that fools everyone.

The Grail Gold (Props Included)

A tiny tweak to Mike's original which has been Peter's preferred version for years and something he has performed thousands of times!

Grail Synergy (Props Included)

Peter's wonderful two deck presentation perfect to perform on a couple. A Red and Blue deck are introduced. Spectator one choose a deck and selects a card (the selection is left facedown on the table). Spectator two now thinks of any number and counts to that number from the second deck. Unbelievably both cards match!

The Grail Stage

Peter tips his presentation for using The Grail on stage. Peter created this piece as a closer for Andy Smith's stand up and stage mentalism set. As they say it packs small but places huge!

Impromptu Grail (Props Included)

For the first time Peter is sharing his most guarded Grail secret! What's including in this package will enable you to perform The Grail with any borrowed, shuffled deck at any time with zero prior set up ! This really is a dream come true as you can now perform The Grail at any point during your set. You can even used this method with any other version of the Grail which will allow the deck to be shuffle by your spectator before hand!

The Impromptu Grail is worth the price of this package and will be one of the strongest card effects you will ever perform!

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