Stratis by Michal Kociolek and Roman Slomka

AED 154
Their signed bill appears between the layers of a playing card.

You read that right. A bill is borrowed from someone in the audience and signed to ensure it can't be switched for a duplicate. After making the bill vanish, you then reveal that it has re-appeared in a truly impossible location. The top of a playing card is ripped open to show that, in-between the individual layers of paper that make up the front and back of their card, is their bill. They can immediately take it back, leaving them with a one-of-a-kind souvenir that ensures they'll never forget this unbelievable experience.

Brought to you by Michal Kociolek, Roman Slomka, and Vanishing Inc., "Stratis"

You don't need to switch any bills or use duplicate signatures. The bill that ends up between the layers of their card, is genuinely their bill. They're welcome to examine both the card and bill at the end, or even keep it if they want. If you don't want to use a bill, you can also use a coin or any other flat object.

The super clever "Stratis"

You'll learn everything you need to get the most out of "Stratis"


Whether you perform street magic, are a professional close-up worker, or just enjoy entertaining friends at parties, you're going to love "Stratis"

NOTE: While it is possible to use polymer bills, it is not recommended. Instead, those living in countries that use this style of bill should instead try to use a coin or other flat object when performing "Stratis"

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