STEEL by Rasmus

AED 193

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The First Real-Time Nail Bend in the History of Magic!

STEEL is the first real nail bend to date. It is Rasmus's underground method, used by him for many years, to bend real steel nails in real time. The nails can be marked or signed by the spectator before the miracle happens. For the first time in magic, STEEL gives you the ability to do the impossible, in front of the spectator's eyes. Mind over matter, mind over STEEL.

STEEL can be performed on stage or in close-up situations. It is the perfect weapon to project supernatural powers to a spectator (pseudo hypnosis), where the spectator receives the power to bend a real STEEL nail just by hand. Or what about this: the straight nail is in the palm of the spectator. By covering the nail with the other hand and concentrating, the nail starts to bend between the hands of the spectator, without even touching the spectator.

STEEL is a professional tool and a reputation maker for every serious metal bender and mentalist.

The nails can be hammered into wood, before the miracle happens. After the nail is bent, it's impossible to bend it back.

- Easy to use
- No set up
- No memory metal
- Completely self-contained
- Everything you need is included
- Instant get in and get out
- No switches required
- 100% original and never-before published method
- Perfect for TV shows (please ask for permission)

What you get:

- 20 pieces 35mm nails
- 10 pieces 80mm nails
- 10 pieces 100mm nails
- 14 exactly matching regular nails
- Online video instructions
- Many great ideas and routines included
- Strong black cardboard box to carry the gimmicks

"I just got Steel by Rasmus and I am very impressed. This is a breakthrough in Nail bending. A must have for any metal bender."
- Lior Manor

"I blew people away with STEEL. This takes metal bending to new places. I am in awe of this. I love it so much."
- Kieron Jonson

"I absolutely love this. It passed the girlfriend test with flying colors. I'm very very impressed by this release. Rasmus has outdone himself on this one."
- Madison Hagler

"I have a new favorite toy! They look, feel and behave just like ordinary nails. Until I get hold of them..."
- Alex Ray

"Absolutely LOVE the nails! It's really, really great!"
- Luke Jermay

"Rasmus's STEEL is a MUST for the serious metal bender. To be able to bend strong massive nails on the fly and without the need of extra gimmicks is something I've been waiting for. I love it. I highly recommend it!"
- Menny Lindenfeld

"This is' Awesome. The Best Trick I've seen at the Blackpool Convention 2017."
"Rasmus is a Metal Bending Legend. STEEL is a must have for every serious Metal Bender!"
- Morgan Strebler

"This is brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant. The presentation is so clean, I see NO reason to have the nail signed. Did I say it's brilliant?"
- Christopher Taylor

"I'm very very impressed by this release. Rasmus has outdone himself on this one. I'm amazed. These may be something I throw in my backpack to have with me at all times. It's so very good. I can't say enough positive things about it. It has exceeded my expectations on all accounts. Thank you for putting out such a great, quality product! I highly recommend this."
- Madison Hagler

"I think it's ingenious. Works amazingly well and truly baffles people. Thanks!"
- J-Mac (Magic Café user)

"I think STEEL will become an instant classic in metal bending."
- Titanas

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