Show Reel by Michael Murray

AED 120

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Reveal the name of a thought of celebrity in the most direct way imaginable!

Michael Murray is world renowned for his creativity within the field of mentalism, and his latest release, 'Show Reel', is an absolute testament to his creative talents.

Having both demonstrated and explained this effect to countless mentalists across the globe, they have unanimously agreed that this is one of his very best releases to date!

 Packs Small, Plays Huge:
This effect is small enough to be carried in your wallet this making it an ideal EDC item for close-up performers and yet this also plays just as strong for multiple participants on stage (thanks to the bonus stage handling that is outlined within the online video instruction).

 Super Direct:
The participant begins by merely thinking of any of the 25 famous movies that are printed upon the magazine page. They are further asked to think of any celebrity who has appeared in their chosen movie from a list of 30 different possibilities. The mentalist is then able to reveal the person whom they are thinking of in a laser direct fashion.

 More Than Meets the Eye:
Just when your participants think things are over, you have the added ability to add an additional series of reveals into the mix proving that the participants choice may not have been as free as they had initially imagined. Those who are fans of influence style effects will adore the eye popping reveals that have been cleverly woven into this effect.

 Almost Zero Memory Work:
The devious method at play not only renders this effect almost self-working, but also ensures that you will be performance ready with this effect in no time at all.

The Icing on the Cake:
Not only does Michael cover the full background story on how he devised this powerhouse of an effect, he also goes further to explain several different approaches to get into the effect (covering both casual and professional performing settings). He even goes further to cover all of the following and more
  • How to get into the effect
  • Legitimising the use of the page
  • Performing this entirely prop-less
  • Performing for multiple participants
  • How best to repeat the effect for the same audience
  • How to increase your participants reaction to the effect
  • How to use this in a one ahead fashion to reveal a completely imagined movie title
  • and a whole lot more...
Note: This effect comes complete with three custom printed pages (one for performance and two additional spares). Additional replacement pages will be made available for all owners of this product at a nominal price.

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