Power Bank by Gonzalo Albiñana and CJ

AED 116
"An organic twist for the bank note plot!"
Julio Montoro

The premise of Bank Night has been one of the funniest, most explored and versioned in all of magic and mentalism since its publication in the 1930s by Tom Sellers... Power Bank takes that idea, and takes it straight to the 20s.

Wait a minute, does that mean it goes back in time?

No, no...from 1935...straight to 2022.

Power Bank is a modern, simple and fun premise, where, for example, a cell phone is at stake. The cell phone can be of the magician, or it can be that of someone in the audience. A series of telephone cables, chargers, headphones, cords... are wrapped around the cell phone in question, but only one of them is really tied to it. Whoever manages to find it, gets to keep it...you are one pull away to win a new phone...or loose it...

Are you in?

The result is 100% controlled by you, with no possibility of error or mistakes, no complicated techniques or preparations, (it can be done in front of people), with an instant and very simple reset.

The tutorial explains handling, alternatives, effect history, ideas and routines.

Two Power Bank accessories are included, in two different colors (white and black).

It's perfect for any environment, no difficulty level.

Simple, direct, modern...nothing will engage your spectators more than the possibility of losing their phone!

It works for any size and brand (although I'm sure there's a strange triangular-shaped, folding and Martian cell phone out there that will remind you of Gonzalo Albinana that day).

Welcome to Power Bank.

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