Perception Card Case by Asquith Magic

AED 92


As a magician myself, I know how important it is to keep your tools safe and sound so that you can perform at your best. But it’s not always that easy.

During my 10+ years in the profession, I’ve often arrived at gigs to find my carefully packed cards damaged in transit. If you’re a magician yourself, you’ll understand the frustration. But the show must go on.

That’s what got me thinking: What if there was a simple, robust card case out there - patented to protect cards between gigs? A case tailormade to snugly fit the cards of magicians across the globe, and card collectors alike?

It was a simple idea, but one that would allow audiences to see that magicians take their craft seriously - helping those behind the magic to step out in confidence. After all, magic is about perception.


Cushion felt lining
Guaranteed to prevent your cards from harm with acomfortable and snug fit that makes access to easy, Perception is made with cushion felt lining to keep your assets safe.

Faux leather finish

Boasting a smooth, distinguished and timeless look, Perception’s faux leather finish is a cut above the rest. An embossed logo on the outer layer shows magicians and audiences alike that you’re the real deal.

Unrivalled strength

Designed to protect your cards from impact, Perception includes a layer of solid MDF between the soft inner lining and luxurious leather outer layer. This gives the entire unit unrivalled strength from impact.

Magnetic clasp

Patented to keep your cards safe from no matter how you move, Perception includes a distinctive inbuilt strip magnet to close the box. Unlike other card cases on the market, this superior feature makes Perception a case that’s easy to open, close - and stay closed.


19mm internal width

67mm internal length

97mm internal height

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