Past Present Future by Rick Lax

AED 193

"The most powerful trick I've ever created" - Rick Lax

"This is a killer routine." - Oz Pearlman

"People will believe this is something you can really do." - Justin Flom

"This is a beautiful effect. Evocative. Intimate. Clear. Powerful." - Chris Philpott

"If you are a magician who is interested in adding a Tarot Card effect to your set, then you absolutely need PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE. The effect is super strong and the updated cards look absolutely amazing!" - Cody Fisher

"A wonderful, engaging and memorable effect with a stunning custom tarot deck. Highly recommended!" - David Jonathan

"Big fan of Past Present Future! Thank you for putting it out again my first edition deck is beat to hell because I've used it so much! This is a great routine that builds to a high impactful finale which requires minimal to no sleights and skill - plus you can get a lot of time out of it! I freaking love this routine - I do it all the time! Releasing this has been long overdue! it's the perfect not card trick card trick!" - Dan Sperry

"Rick’s Past, Present, Future gives the every day magician the ability to harness the intrigue and power of the tarot, while retaining a structured routine that is guaranteed to get great reactions from any audience. I used the original PPF in my set. Now, thanks to the new design, you don’t have to be dowsed in black clothing to pull it off! The artwork within not only improves the visibility of the predictions, but the modernisation of the imagery means that this will work for any style of performer!" - Dee Christopher

Tell their fortune while controlling their actions with one of Rick Lax’s most powerful effects. Now printed with beautiful full-color art on tarot-sized cards, this one is a reputation maker. Your audience can make completely free choices, but no matter what they select, you will be able to reveal that they were always destined to choose their Past Present Future by Rick Lax.

Here’s what happens:

The performer introduces the Major Arcana from a deck of tarot cards and shows that on three of the cards, a single word is written. One card reads Past, another Present, and the third reads future. The cards are given a mix, and then the faces are shown, while the performer describes that the cards all represent something important in a person’s life. The performer asks the spectator to choose one card to represent their past, another to represent their present, and the last card to represent their future. The audience can freely name any card they wish. Those cards are clearly laid out on the table, and the performer gives the audience a short tarot reading before turning the selected cards over to reveal that the audience mysteriously managed to perfectly select the cards with the words, Past, Present, and Future written on the backs of the cards they selected for their reading.

Past Present Future is an incredible effect that injects meaning and structure into an amazing prediction effect where the audience has completely free choices. The very special deck of cards you receive has been engineered by the Penguin Magic team to do all of the work for you and function more smoothly than ever before. In addition to the high-quality gimmicked tarot deck, you also receive video instructions taught by Nick Locapo as well as a crash course in tarot readings so your performance can have maximum impact. Rick Lax has stated that this is the most powerful trick he has ever created, and it’s easy to see that the effect this has on audiences makes it a real reputation maker. Deliver a powerhouse performance with Past Present Future by Rick Lax.

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