Pack of all Trades by Harapan Ong

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Pack of All Trades contains a trio of my favourite packet tricks I’ve ever created. Each trick included is packed with multiple visual moments of magic, wonder, and even hilarity. Best of all, they are all self-contained - you don’t need anything else except the cards in this pack to perform some amazing card magic at a moment’s notice. Talk about “packs small, plays big”!

You will learn:

The GMAIL Card Trick: Five cards spelling G-M-A-I-L are shown. They then magically reorder themselves to spell L-I-G-M-A… the rest, well, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Confused Chameleons: Inspired by Daryl’s Cardboard Chameleons, a packet of blank “chameleon cards” transform multiple times before changing into a bizarre mish-mash of playing card faces.

Uniquely Identical: Four identical cards begin to transform one by one into four completely different cards - with a giant hole even visually appearing in one of the cards.

Each trick is available individually, but buy all three together for just the price of two - an unbeatable bargain!

Each purchase will come with the necessary gaff cards printed by MPC on Linen Card Stock with their BETA Finish. Detailed instructional videos for both the tricks and the sleights needed are also provided to ensure a smooth learning experience for you.

Get your copy of Pack of All Trades today!

Note: Packaging may vary depending on the tricks selected.

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Waleed Khatem

It wasn’t the greatest but it was good