P.O.V. PAD by João Miranda and Julio Montoro

AED 193

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P.O.V. is a cleverly gimmicked sticky pad that allow the performer to instantly peek at any drawing, number or word.
The secret is as good as the effects itself.


With most peeks the written information is illogically placed into a wallet/holder "to keep it safe".
With P.O.V. the spectator writes and immediately after he keeps the very same paper.
The reactions we got with POV are among the best.


The magician secretly knows the information in a heartbeat with all actions being motivated and justified, leaving the spectators clueless.

With POV are explained 6 different handlings and 4 EFFECTS IN DETAIL, which are:


In this effect the spectator is asked to write down any number between 1 and 1000. The magician TOUCHES the spectator forehead and instantly reveals the prediction. This is the performance mostly seen in the main trailer and the reactions speak by itself.


Perform a classic effect without the use of expensive electronics!
A spectator is asked to "mirror" the magician actions. After an introductory "ritual" the spectator is asked to draw anything while the magician does the same, at the same time.
To everyone surprised both drawings match!
A classic of magic that finally fits in your pocket!


This is João favorite effect from the whole project!
The spectator is asked to draw anything in a post it. The magician grabs another pad and a marker and says that he will try to guess what the spectator drew.
For the spectator surprise the magician failed!
The magician removes the post it with the incorrect prediction, crumples it into a little ball and places it inside a wine glass, which is twirled by the magician as a "magical move to make the magic happen"!
When the spectator now opens the crumpled paper, he finds out that the magician incorrect drawing magically transformed into the spectator drawing!


In Card Trick Kicker the spectator thinks of a number between 1 and 6 and writes it in the P.O.V pad. He then removes 6 cards from the deck, shuffles them and remembers the card that is in his thought-out number (number he wrote on the pad).
The spectator then places the cards face up, one by one, in the deck. The magician squares up the deck and spreads them on the table, to reveal all the indifferent cards are now face down, except the spectator's chosen card!
To end off with a kicker, the magician turns the chosen card to reveal a post-it sticked to it, with the spectator's initial thought-of number written in it!

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