OMG Super Morigami by John Bannon

AED 92

From the incredible John Bannon

* Totally self working, no sleight of hand or moves (no counts).

* COMPLETELY examinable (nothing to hide or sticky stuff) at ANY point. NOTHING added or taken away.

* USPCC printed card with special handwritten font so no prep needed! Everything is included.

* Pocket size miracle with a low retail price

* Beautiful packaging that looks great on your shelf or website.

It's totally self working -despite an incredibly fair hands off process, where the spectator is genuinely in charge of mixing the cards face up and face down - the end result is GUARANTEED. Anyone can perform this. SO - no sleight of hand. No forces, peeks or equivoque. Bannon's ingenious method makes the routine work!!

 It's totally examinable- nothing to hide. No sticky stuff, flaps or elastic to manage. Your audience can inspect the cards at any stage and there is nothing for them to find.

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