Mystery Solved 2.0 by David Penn & TCC

AED 215
Mystery Solved 2.0 is a new version of the incredible Card to Box effect created by David Penn eight years ago.

Here is one of the effects you can do: You begin by placing a transparent box containing a folded playing card on the table in full view of the audience. An audience member selects a card, signs it, and loses it in the deck. After a series of effects, the card disappears from the deck. You then pick up the box, remove the lid, and tip the folded card to your fingertip. You unfold the only card in sight, and it is exactly the signed card. You can show your hands and the box clearly empty, leaving your audience completely baffled.

The retention of vision is incredibly strong and deceptive when the card is tipped out at the fingertips, making it ideal not only for the Mystery Card plot but also for other mentalism routines and clean predictions. Its possibilities are endless.

Compared to the original Mystery Solved, which was designed to produce lottery tickets or larger billets, the Mystery Solved 2.0 box, remanufactured by TCC Team, is smaller and tailored to accommodate smaller billets and playing cards. It is designed to fit a quarter-folded playing card precisely, making it highly portable and ideal for close-up performances. This design allows for a more convincing display of the folded playing card, and the smaller size of the box provides greater flexibility, allowing it to be placed under a glass for an even more impossible effect.

The Mystery Solved 2.0 box is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. It is made of high-quality, transparent acrylic that is both exquisite and precise. The lid has been thickened to enhance stability and increase durability.

There are materials included to customize multiple gaffs for small billets and playing cards. Constructing the gaff is simple and takes only a few minutes.

  • Clean and impossible effect with endless uses
  • More portable and flexible
  • Durable and precise
  • Ideal for close-up performances
What's included
  • Transparent box
  • Materials to construct multiple gaffs
  • Online tutorial by David Penn
Totally clear, totally impossible. This is Mystery Solved 2.0.

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