Moyu Weilong WRM 2021 Magnetic Cube 3x3

AED 142

To Meet Your Demand

5-level magnets adjustment    

9-level tensioning adjustment

A total of 45 combinations of feel. Adjust everything to your own liking.

A Dual-adjustment system (9 levels of elasticity) and 5 levels of magnet strengths give you more choices of adjusting.


55mm compact size

The Weilong WRM2021 has a size of 55mm, smaller than conventional cubes, more controllable, easier to hold and grip. This promotes better competition and practice results and speed!


Magnetic Positioning Technology

48 pcs magnets are properly placed in order to provide a good turning experience, making the cube more controllable and stable!

5-level Magnets Adjustment

Innovative magnets adjustment design, 5 levels for your choice.

Creative Dual Adjustment System

Unique 9-level dual adjustment design on the tensioning, you can adjust the elasticity on your own preference.


New Anti-sticky Design

New anti-sticky design on edge pieces, reducing the contact surface and improving its lifespan.

 Multi-track Torpedo

The torpedo on edges and corners come to the multi-track inner circle, making the cube more stable and has a better anti-pop performance.

Smooth Turning

High-quality ABS material and unified turning surface, keeping the cube smooth and stable.

*Please do not disassemble the edge and corner pieces in case of damage.

 Magnetic adjustment method

1. Turn the cube layer to show the magnetic part 

2. Use the magnetic adjustment tool to adjust the clockwise Magnetic regulator   

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