Modern Card to Wallet Insta by Quiver

AED 315

A new batch of the wallets are currently in transit. We expect to arrive by the end of this week during Black Friday. Please visit back again soon.

A NEW & IMPROVED: Modern Card to Wallet Insta by Quiver

Imagine a stylish ordinary-looking wallet that allows you to perform a miracle at any moment noticed. The NEW Insta gimmick gives you the flexibility to perform both palm and no-palm methods within a single wallet. Quiver Insta allows you to perform an extremely clean and reliable switch for routines such as:

  • An Open Prediction routine; where a prediction card in full view, turns into the spectator's signed card.
  • A Dream Card routine; where an odd back card in the wallet becomes the spectator's signed card.
  • An impossible deck production from the wallet
  • A clean switch for lottery prediction, confabulation, and much more.

 What have we improved in the new "Insta" version?

  • A secure locking system that can be triggered at any time.
  • A reliable gimmick that will last a long time and can easily be repaired in minutes.
  • A brand new glide is included for faster load

What do you receive?

  • 50 minutes of instructional video with Patrick Kun
  • A 100% top grain vegetable tanned leather gimmick wallet
  • A NEW Insta gimmick for no palm application
  • A new improved glide for quick load
  • Interior Organization: 5 inner slots for credit cards, a full hidden pocket, and a metal clip that holds any bill size
  • Quick access pocket for credit cards or to hand out business cards
  • Removable inner wallet specially designed with reinforcement to protect all of your gimmick bills and cards. It can hold up to 10 playing cards in the sleeves.


  • Vegetable Tanned Leather (Some scratches may appear due to natural leather, the texture will age over time when used)
  • Metal zipper & money clip


  • 12 x 9 cm 

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