Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman

AED 80
Predict the completely free airline seat choice of a spectator. Give your audience a chance to go anywhere they want to go in the world and predict exactly how they will get there. This is Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman.

Here’s what happens:
You introduce an airplane seating chart and then set it aside as a prediction to return to later. Then a stack of airline ticket cards is shown to the audience, and the audience is given a completely free choice of any of the airline tickets. The seating chart is then assembled on the table, and the only seat highlighted in the seating chart matches the exact seat on the airline ticket the spectator selected.

Middle Seat features a completely free choice with the prediction in full view from the very beginning of the trick. It features a fun, relatable theme that anyone who's ever flown on an airplane will immediately identify with while also featuring direct and straightforward mentalism. Middle Seat comes with custom-printed cards that do all of the work for you. The moves are simple and well within the grasp of magicians at any skill level. The best part is that the selection by the audience member is genuinely free. They can really choose anyone of the ticket cards. This is perfect for the casual performer looking for something a little different or the professional performer who wants to weave travel themes into their show. Now boarding: Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman.

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