AED 135
Magic Wallet Universe is a new concept series that contains four magic card wallets: PEEK, CTW, SWITCH, and COMBO. Every function in each wallet is harmonious with the pure design of the card wallet.

The COMBO wallet combines all the functions of the aforementioned three wallets: Peek, Card to Wallet, and Switch. Furthermore, you can perform the Card to Envelope effect with the COMBO wallet. Despite having multiple functions, the design remains as simple as possible.

Besides the magic functions, you can also use each of all four wallets as a normal everyday card holder wallet. Each wallet has multiple card slots, allowing you to store credit cards and packets of standard poker-sized playing cards.

Every wallet in the Magic Wallet Universe can be purchased individually or as a set. We believe this series of wallets will become your essential assistants in magic.

Magic Wallet Universe: COMBO

The COMBO Wallet combines all the functions of the other three wallets with the same elegance and simplicity. Peek, Card to Wallet, Card Transpo, and Card Switch are all included in the one COMBO Wallet. The COMBO Wallet also provides a slot for you to perform the Card to Envelope effect.

There are 10 white envelopes included in the package of the COMBO Wallet. Refills of envelopes are also available on this page.

  • Material: High-quality black microfiber leather
  • Craft: Hand sewing
  • Simple design, thin and light to carry around
  • Online instructions for each wallet.

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