Liberty Vanish by Masuda - Postcard Only

AED 115

Only 1 piece in stock!

The famous David Copperfield's Vanishing Statue of Liberty, which he performed in his TV show, is now made easy.

Of course, we can't vanish the real Statue of Liberty, but the Statue of Liberty in the photograph disappears visually and instantly.

No knuckle-busting techniques are needed. It's very easy. In fact, Mr. Maric added this trick to his TV performance of various magic effects, and that made this trick really popular among magic freaks at that time.

*Figure, clips, and strings are not included.

Please note that the Liberty Statue for sale is not like the one in the video. Those were discontinued, therefore we have taken the liberty (no pun intended :)) to source an alternative in case you need the extra kicker!

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