IARVEL WATCH by Iarvel Magic and Bluether Magic

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The IARVEL WATCH is an innovative magic prop developed through a collaboration between IARVEL Magic and Bluether Magic. It was designed to meet the growing demand for app-controlled magic devices and as an enhancement that builds upon the success of its highly celebrated predecessor, the Infinity Watch V3. It is a sophisticated wristwatch that enables magicians to secretly control and manipulate the time displayed, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to their performances.


You casually remove your watch and hand it to a spectator for a close examination. Once they're satisfied, take the watch back and secretly set it to a time only you know. Holding the watch face down, ask the spectator to cover it without peeking. Now, the magic begins. Invite them to delve into their memory, to a specific time that holds deep significance. Have them say the time out and silently focus on the exact time for a few seconds. Finally, ask them to flip the watch over. Imagine their shock and amazement as the watch face reveals the very time they were holding in their mind! This is the kind of unforgettable magical experience the IARVEL Watch brings.


  • UNMATCHED SPEED: The IARVEL WATCH holds the record as the fastest time-manipulation device on the market. It can reach any desired time within just 0.6 seconds.

  • FLAWLESS ACCURACY: The IARVEL WATCH boasts flawless accuracy. Both hour and minute hands land precisely on the intended time, synchronized to the very millisecond.

  • UNBREAKABLE CONNECTION: Thanks to the all-new Hyperlink Bluetooth technology incorporated within the IARVEL WATCH, signal lag is a thing of the past. Even if a brief interruption occurs during a performance, HYPERLINK BLUETOOTH rapidly reconnects within a fraction of a second and instantly transmits the intended time. This ensures a flawless and uninterrupted performance every time.

  • PERFECTLY CAMOUFLAGED: Designed by a team of professional watchmakers, the IARVEL WATCH seamlessly blends in as a high-end timepiece, arousing no suspicion from your audience. Plus, it offers the highest level of water resistance for added durability.

  • LONG LASTING BATTERIES: The innovative IWV3 technology integrated within the IARVEL WATCH ensures a remarkable year-long battery life. You can perform for an entire year without a single battery replacement.

  • RANGE: The IARVEL WATCH connects via Bluetooth to the IARVEL app on your mobile phone, which then allows you to manipulate the displayed time from anywhere within an impressive 30-meter range.

  • STREAMLINED CONNECTION: The new and improved IARVEL app seamlessly connects to and control multiple IARVEL Watches simultaneously without breaking a sweat. All the other app controlled IARVEL products also use the same IARVEL app, eliminating the need for additional, suspicious apps cluttering your phone.


The IARVEL WATCH empowers you to personalize your magic with a variety of control methods. This allows you to tailor your routines and gameplay to perfectly suit your performance style and audience. They include:

  • VOICE CONTROL: Just say the intended time out loud and the watch automatically changes to this time.

  • REMOTE CONTROL: A special remote control, sold separately, can also be used to manipulate the time on the device. It is the best choice to control your watch if you don't want to attract suspicion with your phone.

  • ALBUM CONTROL: This innovative input method is the latest addition to the list and is the brainchild of Mr. Rashaun Chan. Twelve pictures, each secretly representing the numbers 0-12, are displayed for the audience to choose from. Unbeknownst to them, these same pictures act as a hidden control system, allowing you to manipulate the watch's time right under your spectators' nose.

  • SWIPE CONTROL: Using a series of intuitive swipe gestures on a dark display background in the IARVEL application, you can discreetly manipulate the watch's hands to any desired time.

  • CONTROL FROM OTHER DEVICES: The IARVEL WATCH integrates seamlessly with other IARVEL devices like the IARVEL PAD. Write the desired time on your IARVEL PAD and witness the hands on the watch instantly move to the chosen time, creating a cohesive and powerful performance experience. Imagine how many gameplay options you can create from connecting various devices.

  • NFC CONTROL: The latest control methods is the use of normal-looking NFC embedded objects, like special playing cards. Just bring the card close to your phone and the IARVEL WATCH instantly receives the signal



Note: the watch only works on iPhone (iOS).

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