Hyper Color by Bizzaro

AED 77

"A triumph routine that’s easy to do and has a killer colored changing deck kicker to it? YES PLEASE!" - Adam Wilber

"In his unique and creative way Bizarro has taken 2 classic magic plots, added a couple of simple gimmicks and sleights and created a visual entertaining piece of magic your audiences will enjoy experiencing and you’ll enjoy performing." - Tom Dobrowolski

"If you like Triumph you will love Hypercolor, it is great visual magic that will make your audiences eyes pop out of there head." - Erick Olson

Tell them that you aren’t going to find their card. Tell them you aren’t going to shuffle the cards. Tell them it’s a blue deck. All of this is a lie...

You do find their card..
from a deck that’s been shuffled face up into face down...
AND THEN right before their eyes THE ENTIRE DECK changes IN MID-AIR from blue to red.

From one of the wildest minds in magic comes the final answer to the color changing Triumph effect. This is Hyper Color by Bizzaro.


You introduce a blue deck of cards. Your spectator selects a card. The deck is shuffled face-up into face-down. The card is lost into the deck. The deck then visually sorts itself out with the exception of the selection. In an impossible kicker every single card changes from blue to red IN MID-AIR.

Hyper Color is a dream to perform because it has been road tested by one of magic’s hardest working magicians. The gimmick is easy to use and can be added to your deck in an instant to perform this highly visual multi-phase effect. The audience actually feels like they can see the fronts and the backs of every card in the deck before the amazing color change. The best part is that the gimmicks can be stolen out and the rest of the deck is ordinary, so you can follow up this incredible effect with your favorite card tricks. Take one of Bizzaro’s most vivid tricks out to get incredible reactions when you perform Hyper Color.

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