Hermes Wallet

AED 330


Read minds, switch cards & produce signed selections

HERMES is more than just another magic wallet, this was made by Quiver. Known to be the Rolex of magician's leather goods.

Anyone who's bought a quiver-branded product in the past has received a quality that reaches far beyond their expectations.

That's why creator Josh Janousky knew there was only one place to take his ideas.

The result is HERMES. A slim, minimalist wallet that aims to consolidate multiple must-haves into one sleek package.

Hermes is a:

  • Peek Utility
  • Card to Wallet
  • Out to Lunch
  • & Switching Device (Cameron Francis' fantastic Wallet Transformer)

You can definitely find cheaper magic wallets - but you won't find better.

Hermes can hold anywhere from 6-9 credit cards with ease (depending on your configuration), 10 business cards, your ID, and your cash, all while still being only 1.59 cm thick.

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