Genesis System Project by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations

AED 283

The Genesis System is a BRAND NEW way of printing on paper that looks completely out of this world. If real-life visual magic existed in today's world, this is what it would look like. The entire kit is full of never-before-seen reveals, predictions, and full-blown routines, all utilizing this groundbreaking innovation to the world of appearing ink.

**Please note this item works best in environments that are not too hot. 23C and under are ideal (average room temp). Outdoor shows on hot days are not ideal for this special ink to work its magic.**

The Genesis System comes with over 30 hand-made gimmicks by Adam Wilber.

Visual magic at its best for any skill level.

knoImagine being able to place a blank business card into your spectators' hand while they watch as it slowly begins to print the celebrity they were merely thinking of.

So what exactly do you get?

The Genesis System is just that, a system. You get 33 hand-made gimmicks. Listed below are the routines and props included.

Blood Hand
Imagine giving your spectator a card with a hand-printed on it. As they stare at the hand, they notice a small drop of blood starts to appear. That blood drop slowly grows until it starts dripping down the wrist. You talk about voodoo and the idea that what happens to one thing must happen to another. The spectator turns their hand over to see a blood spot has shown up on their own palm. CRAZY spooky stuff.

Money, Money, Money!
If you've been a magician for any length of time, you've heard it before... "Can you make money appear?" Well now you have an answer to that question, and one that will blow them away!

Cherry Blossom Tree
This is a beautiful piece that was designed to give people hope and allow them to believe their dreams will come true. You show someone a picture of a cherry blossom tree that they hold in their hands as they make a wish towards the tree. You let them know that if they believe in their heart that this wish will come true then the tree should blossom for them and in turn, the wish come true. Magic should be about helping other people feel better...this trick does just that!

Pirates Booty
This trick rocks! We combined magically appearing maps with a treasure hunt where the spectator gets to hide the treasure anywhere, they choose. Only to be revealed by the map itself in a super visual and stunning manner. The kicker ending happens when they realize the treasure itself has vanished and ended up on the chosen island in an impossible fashion. You get a lot of bang from such a small pocket space footprint!

Celebrity Silhouettes
You show three blank cards on the front and back, place them into three spectators' hands as they pick from a list of celebrities. Once they have decided on their celeb, you ask them to turn over the cards they have been holding the entire time. They notice the cards now contain a silhouette of the thought of person.

Playing Cards
You'll receive 6 black-faced cards, 9 red-faced cards, and 3 gaff cards as well as 2 red back designs and 2 Blue back designs. The red cards come with a royal flush that allows for some super fun gambling presentations.

Strolling Confabulation
In this confabulation routine, everything you need fits nicely into one small pocket of your jacket or pants. You place a blank prediction on the table and allow your spectators to choose their location, celebrity date, means of transportation, and preferred drink. Once these items have been chosen and agreed upon, the prediction is turned over to show it somehow magically printed itself into the exact scene picked by the audience members.

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