FORT KNOX PRO by Escapewelt

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Fort Knox Pro is a new form of intellectual logic games designed to replicate the story and scenarios of an EscapeWelt escape room.

Recreate the tension and thrills of an escape room with your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

Fort Knox Pro is crafted by expert engineers - who have hand-picked puzzles and multi-level tasks designed to challenge. Solve the challenges to unlock the treasure of Fort Knox Pro. 

Technical parameters 

In the package – 325g

Now there are 8 riddles in the toy.

Difficulty level: difficult

The kit includes: 

1. Fort Knox Pro

2. Flyer – instructions for solving problems

Do you need help solving the puzzle? Scan the QR code from the flyer and go to the Fort Knox Pro online tips page.

Available in English and other languages.


How to open Fort Knox Pro?
You need to solve all the puzzles to get to the secret compartment inside. Check Fort Knox Pro carefully and look for special symbols on it. They will help you understand the mechanisms and open mysterious Fort Knox.

I want to gift Fort Knox Pro. Do I need to solve all the puzzles?
Not necessary! Especially for you, we have posted a short instruction on the website on how to quickly open Fort Knox without solving all the quizzes. Thus, you can easily open Fort Knox in a few simple steps, hide the gift, close it in the same way and give it to another person.

Can I re-play Fort Knox Pro?
The Fort Knox doesn't damage when you play. However, there is only one way to solve Fort Knox quizzes. So, when playing the second time, you already know how to do it.

How long does the game last?
On average, solving all the puzzles and opening the Fort Knox Pro takes 60-90 minutes.

How many people can play with me?
The game is designed for a maximum of 2-3 players. You will also have great fun playing Fort Knox Pro alone.

Can I play with my child?
All products are designed for ages 14+. However, helping your child and solving puzzles with him will greatly unite your family and allow your child to solve difficult problems as a team!

What materials is the product made of?
Exceptionally natural. All our products are made from high-strength natural wood (birch). Our team assembles puzzle pieces by hand. We are very careful and sensitive to the quality of the product, so you can be sure that it is safe. And also wood allows you to experience a very pleasant tactile sensation - you will like to hold our puzzles in your hands.

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