Floating Table

AED 1,500 AED 1,835

Floating Tables

Produced by a small company in Eastern Europe, we are delighted to bring to you a classic of magic. The Floating Table.

There are quite a few options of these tables out there, however a lot of them are either restrictively expensive or on the contrary very cheap but super poor quality. 

We believe we have found the golden middle. The producer making these has nailed the classic aesthetic and utility along with a very robust structure. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately we had an issue with the shipment of the first batch and the tables came with a few dents on the top. This is the only defect on the units and luckily this defect will be hidden by the tablecloth.

Also creator has not included the instructions at this time. 

Because of the above points, the price has been reduced.


- Floating Table + Gimmick

- Vase

- Table Cloth (Silver)

- Cardboard Carry box


Parameters of table:

Weight 550 g.

Hight 720mm

Diameter of table top 400 mm

Parameters of the case:

Weight 615 g.

Size: 45x43x12 cm. 

Return within 1 month of purchase is available within the UAE in case of breakage or any technical flaws with the product.


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