AED 59

Joker and the Thief embarks in a new direction entirely with our newest deck, the Five Ninety-Sevens!

Made with the intention for everyday use and for Cardists who prefer minimal design language. Practicality was the main intention behind this creation.

That said, our first departure from intricate design is still uniquely JT, a closer look at the details will show you why.

The back design is what a Joker and the Thief Cardistry deck should look like - stripped back, refined, bold and enticing. The JT insignia resting in the centre of the design provides weight and presence. The borders are distressed providing an extra edge of detail, and is consistent with our branding.

The back design is complemented by a stunning, vintage inspired ace of spades, accompanied by ARRCO style court cards that have been recoloured. Keeping with the vintage artwork of the ARRCO court cards, our Joker card and Thief card have been illustrated to mimic the same design language, creating a seamless through-line that connects every element of the deck.

The tuck box is one of our favourite aspects of this new deck and looks at home within our family of playing cards. The Five Ninety-Seven utilises premium letterpress processes to create heavy impressions onto our specialised cream paper stock. As you run your fingers over the surface of the tuck, you will feel incredible, debossed letterpress elements. The interior of the box features a vibrant solid yellow ink to contrast with the darker exterior. The perforated seal is the connective tissue between the 597s and the decks that came before it, with all the detail you would expect from a normal JT deck.

Proudly made with Sustainably Sourced Paper in the U.S.A.

Printed on Premium Crushed Stock and Finish by the United States Playing Card Company.

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