Evoke by Craig Petty

AED 154
"That's remarkable. That's a miracle. That's true astonishment right there."
- Justin Miller

EVOKE is a master key that can unlock deep, emotional connections with your audience instantly with ease.

Mentalism with playing cards at the best of times can be hard for your audience to connect with.

BUT... if you change the card values for strong and emotive words and phrases then you instantly plug in a direct line to their heart strings, and they instantly become your secret weapon.

For example: Using EVOKE you can turn a basic card peek/reveal and supercharge it into something deep and powerful. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

"I genuinely believe that you have solved the problem of Playing cards in mentalism because if you use the EVOKE deck you can basically do any card trick, any sleight of hand and it will have a mentalism edge to it that will totally transform the trick into anything now. This is an amazing achievement!"
- Marc Paul

Designed by Phill Smith... he's built in a devious peek system that's woven innocently into the back design of each card. A secret system that only you can read. Once you know the secret, you'll never miss it, but those who don't, they'll never find it.

Every single playing card will covertly deliver you the following information in one swift glance.

  • Emotion Word
  • Black & White or Color
  • Which image
  • MOAB Word
  • Next Emotion Card in Stack
  • Quote Author

But it's not just basic information printed onto the cards... Craig's entwined new and old, criminally clever, magic principles throughout the entire deck that will make your audience genuinely believe that you can read their thoughts.

"People might not always remember what you did, but they remember how you made them feel."
- Marc Spelmann

Principles, Peeks and Peters.

It wouldn't be a Craig Petty Project if we didn't line up a dream team of collaborators.

First, we have Peter Nardi. World renowned mentalist, famed for his ability to create commercial yet stunning mentalism that anyone can do but no one can figure out. And he's here to share with you his favorite tricks that he performs using EVOKE.

If that wasn't enough, Craig called in every favor and pulled every string he could to get Peter Turner sit down for a few hours and share a gold mine of knowledge, ideas and tricks!

Many mentalists consider Peter Turner to be one of the best living mentalists and certainly, on the Mount Rushmore of mentalism creators.

What Peter Turner shares is literally worth the price of the project on its own. Period.


For a lot of people, this may be their first foray into mind reading. EVOKE is the perfect stepping stone to try proper mentalism. Peeking a card is easy but maybe the thought of cold reading might be daunting... we've got you.

We brought in the man that literally wrote the book on cold reading... Ian Rowland

Don't ask us how but Craig managed to sit down with Ian Rowland at The Magic Circle UK Headquarters and film a 2 hour Maestro Class on cold (and warm) reading, specifically using the EVOKE deck, the likes of which you'll have never seen before.

We won't tell you any more about it. This very, very special addition to the project is reserved only for those who own EVOKE.

"If I had to sum it up in one word... WOW."
- Mark Elsdon

Tap directly into your spectator's emotions like never before. Your audience will become your secret weapon with the power of Evoke.

What other magicians are saying:

"I generally think this is one of the best products for the mentalist that I've seen in years"
- David Jonathan

"When you leave people with an emotion, it changed everything... this is the mentalism that people will remember."
- Luca Volpe

"One of the things I love about these is that these are all about emotion and you've just got so many different directions you can go in."
- Marc Chandaue

"If you have a layperson think of a card and you reveal it - it's mind-blowing. But if you're attaching emotion to that, then that's proper powerful stuff"
- Roddy Mcghie

"It's really incredible, I just want it, I want it already! It's got to be one of those things that every Mentalist is going to have, and they're all going to use it!"
- John Morton

"Because we're humans, and we've got emotions. So, if you can connect with somebody, then everything not only looks better, but it just feels better."
- Joel Dickinson

"I'm kind of excited about this deck of cards because some people are not as comfortable with the processes that might be involved in even just the fundamentals of basic mentalism. And this is like a cheat code for it."
- Jake Keane

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