Cozy home, 80 wooden puzzles - TreeArti by DaVICI

AED 115
TreeArti by DaVICI wooden puzzles are a great gift for children and adults. You can collect the puzzle together with your family, with friends or give it to your loved ones. In any case, your unique gift will be remembered forever.

All images are created by real artists, and the cutting form is developed by successful designers. 
You will be amazed by the amazing quality of the DaVICI brand products.
  • SPECIAL DETAILS. Our wooden puzzles are uniqly shaped in form of animals and people. Each set has a few of its "own" unique details, hand-drawn "whimsy" pieces, cut into shapes to match the theme of the puzzle image. This wooden puzzles for adults is made of high-quality wood.
  • THE EXCELLENCE OF ART. Each puzzle image is an art masterpiece. Carefully painted by our craftsmen and every detail is so exactly suited to each other. 
  • THE BEST QUALITY. Wooden jigsaw puzzles come with the light scent of wood. The unique wooden jigsaw is without any burrs or rough edges. Our wooden puzzles will give you the best time.
  • HIGH PRECISION & BRIGHT COLORS. Each puzzle set is cut with a high-precision laser. It's oddly satisfying to plunk a wooden piece in place, details perfectly snap together. Advanced print technology ensures true fine art colors.
  • SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH. It takes so much focus to put the whole puzzle together, that you may get into a meditative state. Turn off your phone and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere of peace and art. Wooden puzzles contribute to the development of imagination and improve concentration.

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