Cotton Candy Edition by Fontaine Playing Cards

AED 95

Note from Fontaine:

COTTON CANDY EDITION is available NOW to the public. 1 of 2500 decks printed with NEON Pantone Inks.

This is the first time we have printed a solid color Fontaine with Neon Inks. These are the “wet” cards which took nearly 5 months for USPCC to produce.

With most 2500 deck runs, we offer a brick (12 decks). This usually only allows for 180 bricks, which is a very small amount given the demand.

For SLIME edition, there are NO BRICKS available, instead, we have made SIX PACKS.

If you pick up 6 decks, they will come in a SIX PACK: 6 decks housed inside a letterpressed small box.

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