Classicho Three Body Game by TCC Magic

AED 309

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A dimensional, spatial, and classic Innovation.

Notes: The Three Body Game consists of 26 magnets and is entirely handcrafted with pure wood. Slight variations in size may occur due to elasticity, and minor changes might result from humidity levels. However, these factors do not impact its appearance or functionality.

A classic magic prop featuring three colored balls within a wooden box has fascinated audiences for nearly six decades. The magician makes them vanish one at a time, only to have the three colored balls reappear inside the box. This well-known "4D Ball Trick" has seen improvements over time. While always leaving a lasting impression, we identified a unique aspect.

Upon careful examination, we realized that regardless of the version or materials used, the box can actually hold more than just three balls, even up to six. While not a major issue, it sparked an intriguing idea.

What if we could show from the beginning that there's only enough room in the box for three balls? And what if the audience could touch the box themselves? This would enhance the magic's mystery, making the effect more logical and astonishing.

With this idea, we redefined and redesigned the wooden box, making it smaller with a never-before-seen drawer design. We created a new internal structure, seamlessly blending magic and space. Crafted from exquisite black walnut, the box harbors a groundbreaking magical mechanism, making it portable and easily performed.

To make the magic effect more lifelike and divert the focus to the three balls, we redesigned the packaging and renamed the effect the "Three-Body Game." With popular elements, different magic structures, and innovative magic routines, we reintroduce this enchanting and captivating magical effect from a whole new perspective.

  • Inspired by the famous "4D Ball Trick."
  • Redesigned wooden box: smaller, sleeker, and with a never-before-seen drawer opening.
  • Internal structure seamlessly merges magic and space.
  • High-quality walnut box with an unprecedented magical mechanism.
  • Soft silicone balls for comfortable and smooth touch during performances.
  • Portable and easy to perform, bringing enchantment to any setting.
  • 7 red silicone balls
  • One special wooden box made of North American black walnut
  • One set of red handkerchiefs made of single-layer satin
  • Red balls - 20mm diameter, weight 6g each
  • Red handkerchiefs - 45cm x 45cm (single-layer), weight 43g
  • Special wooden box - 99mm x 45mm x 35mm, weight 85g
Note: The above dimensions are measured by hand and may have slight errors, but they do not affect the functionality.

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