Chapslick Magic Kit by Dan Hauss and Phillymagic

AED 115

Chapslick is a brand new project from Dan Hauss and Phillymagic

In what must've been at least a long weekend, Dan Hauss has written the book on chapstick magic AND made the famous Color Changing Knives obsolete. No need to check it in your bags =O


* 10 ORIGINAL, UNIQUE gimmicks, all serving different purposes, and allowing you to perform multiple effects.

* OVER 10 routines and effects, all about magic done with a common stick of lip balm.

*Perform REDLINE REVISITED - Learn the updated Dan Hauss' classic lipbalm jumping-cap effect, along with a full accompanying routine (REDLINE 2.0), and an ALL NEW killer 100% CLEAN ENDING.


*Perform TRANSPOSITIONS where 2 kinds of lip balm switch between your own hands, or yours and a spectator's hand VISUALLY

* PREDICT a spectator's thought, or visually transform a lipbalm stick label into a spectator's thought.

*Learn how to Float a tube of lip balm with your favorite levitation devices!

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