Candy Morph by Rian Lehman and Victor Sanz

AED 95
A stunning, visual opener that is a must for any close up performer or street magician. Don't pass up your chance to win over an audience before you even begin. Grab CandyMorph today.

If seeing another candy magic trick makes your eyes roll, don't stop reading just yet. This is different than anything you've seen.

Most candy tricks are built for social media magic videos. And this is no different. If you want it solely for that reason, there is no shame in that at all. But, that's just one small piece of why CandyMorph is so special.

CandyMorph is an incredible new gimmick from Vanishing Inc. that was developed by Rian Lehman and Victor Sanz. The creative duo is always looking for those extra magical moments, especially those that help prove our credibility as performers.

This lightning quick and amazing piece of visual magic does exactly that. But also so much more. It was built with close up and table-hopping performers in mind. With CandyMorph in your pocket, you'll quickly learn how powerful a quick magic moment like this can be when trying to win an audience over.

Here are some other reasons you'll want to add CandyMorph to your set today:

1. This is a 2-for-1 transformation. Both the candy branding and physical shape changes. A rectangular candy bar becomes a tube of mints. It truly feels more impossible than any other type of change.

2. You can easily customize your CandyMorph gimmick to suit your style. You'll get some options in the box. Just quickly put one on the ready-to-go gimmick and you'll be all set.

3. Unlike other fragile candy gimmicks, CandyMorph is super durable. It easily fits in your pocket and can be taken with you anywhere you go.

Each set comes with a customizable, precision-made gimmick and access to complete video instructions with multiple handlings. CandyMorph is super easy to use and has an instant reset. If you can hold a candy bar, you can perform it.

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