AED 52
Printed in 2013 the Bicycle Karnival Delirium Playing Cards by Big Blind Media are one of the most rare and top 10 best bicycle playing cards available for sale today.
The Karnival Delirium became popular because the tuck box featured the iconic Plague Doctor and has an edge to edge borderless playing card design.
Designed Sam Hayles these cards have been elusive to many card collectors and here is your last chance to own one of these rare bicycle decks!

The Karnival Delirium Deck has a completely new look with new faces, backs, Geometric patterns, swirl into gothic chaos, and at the centre of it all stands a mysterious Plague Doctor character.

The mesmerizing back design runs edge to edge and creates brain frying patterns if the cards are spun (making the Karnival Delirium Deck a perfect weapon for card flourishers and XCM enthusiasts).

The deck also features the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability, and was designed by infamous artist Sam Hayles (from Dose Prod).
Grab one before they are transported into extinction.
Photos provided by Sam Hayles

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