BDM Hands Off - The Perfect Chest by Bazar de Magia

AED 1,140
Good luck is always on your side, and in such a magical and clean way as you never imagined

BDM Hands Off is the new chest produced by Bazar de Magia, which surpasses all the other ones created so far.

Four keys are given to the spectators to verify that they do not open the chest. A fifth key is given, which they verify that it opens it. Then the magic begins.

The magician hands over a valuable object. His car keys, for example. The viewers put them inside the chest and lock it. They they mix and distribute the keys among them. The magician acts just as an spectator and directs the actions of the game, but he never touches anything.

And, why not suggest a key exchange among the spectators who could wish to do it?

Now comes the moment in which the magician will have to do magic. Which could be the spectator who is holding the key that opens the chest?

First the magician chooses one of them, but then he dismiss him or her. This is done just to add some suspense to the trick. The spectator must discard his key, putting it in the chest slot. Now it is impossible to go back.

Let' s go with spectator number two. The same scheme is repeated. The possibilities are now reduced. Any mistake at this moment and the magician will have to walk home.

The performer hesitates when choosing the third spectator. Finally he does it and another key is put into the chest. Now there are only two possibilities left. One mistake here and the magician will have to break the chest.

Nevertheless, with BDM Hands Off from Bazar de Magia good luck is always on your side. The same action is repeated with spectator number four. The fifth spectator will approach the chest and will open it, giving back the magician his keys. This climax produces a standing ovation.
  • The magician never touches the chest nor the keys
  • Everything can be handled by the spectators
  • Everything is always in full view
  • There are no key switches. Everything is clear, clean and fair
  • No sleight of hand
  • No electronics
  • The Inside and outside can be examined
  • The system is new and self working.
  • All you have to concentrate on is the presentation
  • No magnets
  • Reset is easy and quick
  • Easy to do
  • The mechanism is diabolic

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