Bara-Bara Box:Philosopher by Karakuri

AED 535

This colorful Japanese puzzle box invites you to ponder two questions: "How come things come apart?" and "Can we ever put them back together again?" The puzzle features several surprising mechanisms and eventually separates into five different pieces to reveal two separate storage areas, each about the size of a matchbox.

Made from a combination of walnut, chanchin, oak, magnolia, maple, and rose wood, this "Philosopher" edition of Osamu Kasho's Bara Bara Box is adorned with an adorably intricate little figure crafted by Kobo Alp.

Another whimsical puzzle challenge from one of our favorite Japanese puzzle designers and craftsmen, Bara-Bara Box:Philosopher will keep good company with Alchemist, Skyscraper and Ripple Out (also created by Kasho).

Handmade in the Hakone Mountains of Japan. Extremely limited quantities.

*The doll is fixed on the box. It doesn't move.

Craftsman : Osamu Kasho

Size (box body) : 60×60×90mm
Size (storage part) : 30×48×10mm, 30×48×8mm
Material : walnut, chanchin, oak, magnolia, rose wood, maple

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