Shield Playing Cards by Card Mafia


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Each Shield Set comes with a Deluxe Edition (Left) & Classic Edition (Right). The Design surprises us by the dark grey exterior, where black and purple patterns run through. The Deluxe Edition is centered around a stylized image of Athena’s shield that ablaze with Black, White, and Purple Hot Foil stamped lines.
The back of the box shows the same shield in a different version, taking out the silver colour to present a dimmer look. The black lines in the background that unify the whole design are mimicking an ancient Greek building structure, adding the monumentality of the image. Despite the multitude of lines and colours, the Classic Edition box design is rather simple and sleek, but very elegant with the dark shades of grey. 
The popular complex system of the tuck box was brought back again to continue its legacy. The uncut sheets consist of more than 15 parts, which are the aftermath of hundreds of experiments. The process of making the Shield Deluxe Tuck Box includes many steps: Printing, Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting, and Hand Assembly.
We kept the popular magnetic opening/closing system and the self locking system that allows the card box to be kept in a perfectly unfolded state and set on the table for everyone to admire. Just like how we admire the ancient Olympian Gods in their sacred temples.
The court cards are the most epic sensations of the entire deck. This time, we redesigned all the twelve court cards and transformed them into the twelve Olympian Gods. They are presented with exquisite line drawings in purple, with shocking details including fierce weapons and eyes that shine in silver. 
  •  Inspired by the Greek God of the Sun - Apollo 
  •  Limited to 5500 Sets
  •  Featuring Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Hot Stamping, and Hand Assembly
  •  Deluxe tuck case made from premium matte finish paper with Black, Red & White imported foil  from Germany 
  •  Cards are manufactured by the USPCC with Metallic Ink & Casino Grade Quality 
  •  Magnetic opening/closing system & Self-Locking System 
  •  Each Box contains 15 pieces of uncut sheets & takes 20 minutes to assemble 

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