Accumulator Deck by David Penn

AED 143
Five years ago Wayne fox and David Penn created The 52-1Deck. Not only used by leading magicians, all around the world, it even made its way into the repertoires of top television magicians including DYNAMO.

With The Accumulator Deck the odds have increased!

Not only can you cut to a spectator's thought of card, you can ask a spectator to name a number between one and fifty-two and when you count down, the card they are thinking of is at the number they name!

How the routine plays out:
  • You spend the cards and show them all completely different.
  • You ask one spectator to look at and remember a red card, and another to remember a black card as you spread them again.
  • Someone names a number between one and fifty-two.
  • You cut to the first spectator's card even though they never tell you their card.
  • You then count down to the number that is freely named, and the second spectator's card is at that number!
How is the deck different to The 52-1 Deck?
The design is completely different allowing you to turn over any card and show it at the number that is named. You can still perform the original 52-1 effect, and additional cards are provided to allow you to do that.

What stock is the gimmicked deck printed on?
We are proud to say that this custom made deck has been printed on Bicycle stock with Rider Backs!

"David has created not only an incredible piece of magic but also a utility that is genuinely going into my shows. It's brilliant on every level."
Marc Spelmann

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