3D Stretch Rubber Plate by JL Magic

AED 19

Pack contains 5 plates.

A basic magic trick but it is so amazing!

A coin magically penetrates through a piece of rubber!

A magician will use a cup with the top covered by a rubber sheet, you can put a coin (quarter) on top of the rubber sheet and has a spectator push down on the coin, with a second the coin falls right through the rubber sheet inside the cup. Immediately, you can hand everything out for examination.

  • Very easy to do
  • No skills needed
This is 3D Stretch Rubber Plate (5PK) by JL Magic.

Please watch the trailer video and online instructions.

Note: rubber band & cup not included.

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3D Stretch Rubber Plate (5PK) by JL Magic.

3D stretch Rubber plate is so easy and straight and the effect is visual and the rubber plate does it all.