2049 Playing Cards by AV Tones

AED 75

2049 is the latest deck from designer Adrian Valenzuela of the design firm AVTones. The cool sci-fi deck is currently funding on Kickstarter and is inspired by Adrian's vision of the future of playing cards.

The deck features fully custom face cards and card backs printed with metallic inks creating not only a stunning reflective design but an innovative aesthetic with a futuristic feel.

The traditional court cards have been enlarged and given a modern twist. They look familiar yet new at the same time, which is exactly what it's designed to do.
The cool futuristic tucks are adorned with stunning foil and have a soft-touch matte finish. Each tuck is hand-sealed close with a label of authenticity that wraps around the case. Each label has a unique number on it which represents the number it was printed.

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