The Limited Edition Deluxe by Gordon Bean & Larry Jennings

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"Gordon Bean starts with a great idea and never stops thinking. Limited edition is a concentrated miracle with a concrete method. Highly recommend." - R. Paul Wilson

"I didn't think it could be done, but Gordon brilliantly transformed the age-old Princess card trick into a seriously commercial trick. You'll enjoy perpetrating this fraud every time you do it." - John Bannon

"There are over 100 different versions of the Princess Card trick, Gordon Bean’s The New Limited Edition just might be the best one yet." - Allan Ackerman

Divine the card they are merely thinking of and then make it vanish entirely. With input from Eugene Burger, Max Maven, and Dan Harlan, you are about to stand on the shoulders of giants when you perform The Limited Edition Deluxe by Gordon Bean & Larry Jennings.

Here’s what happens:

You show your audience six cards and have them remember just one. They imagine their card fading away. When the cards are respread, the card they merely thought of has faded away to be completely blank on both sides.

Gordon Bean’s packet tricks continue to set the gold standard in performing powerful magic with just a handful of cards. When you purchase The Limited Edition Deluxe, you get all the gimmicks you need to perform this amazing trick immediately. The cards do almost all the work and allow you to focus on your performance - if you can spread cards, you can make this happen! In addition to a fresh presentation for the classic routine, you receive The Reversed Edition, Gordon’s incredible new take on his first, unpublished version, as well as additional gimmicks that allow you to perform bonus routines created by Eugene Burger and Dan Harlan. There is even rarely seen footage of Max Maven and Harry Anderson performing this unbelievable effect. With Nick Locapo’s expert instruction and handling tips, pluck the thoughts from your audience’s mind and give them an experience that is only possible with The Limited Edition Deluxe by Gordon Bean & Larry Jennings.

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