The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards

AED 66.67
The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards are a unique deck with an hourglass shape, setting them apart from the ordinary. These cards handle remarkably well, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. Your initial interaction with them is sure to evoke a sense of intrigue. Remarkably, their ergonomic design surpasses even that of conventional playing cards.

The included 'foldbox' boasts two foils, embossing, an inner red coloring, and an ingeniously glue-less construction.

  • 56 poker-sized cards with an unconventional shape
  • Custom court cards and jokers
  • Unique design for the Ace of Spades
  • Matte red edge printing
  • Foldbox featuring dual foils, embossing, and inner red coloring
  • Individually wrapped in protective plastic
  • A one-of-a-kind creation
Design: Stockholm17 Playing Cards, Sweden

Foldbox: printed by Boschiero & Newton, Italy

Cards: printed by WJPCC, China

Photoshooting: Richard Arturo, Singapore

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ahmed Rashad
Quick Delivery and High Quality

Made the order and received it super quick! Good to find these products available in the UAE easily. High quality product.


When it first came in the cards was protected in bubble wrap and was in 2 packages. The card box design is super impressive and its just like advertised. Each card in the box was carefully planned out. These cards include: Spiderman, Star lord, capitan america, Valkirye, Hawkeye, Thanos, Thor, black panther,wanda, vision,black widow and iron man. Not only were the king and queen cards disgned but so were the aces and the joker they were: visions mind stone, hawkeyes arrow, the wintersolider star,the time stone, the joker cards were loki and thanos. Overall i have no complaints about these cards, delivery came in 2 days, I highly recommend.

Thank you so much for your order and for your detailed review! The feedback is much appreciated!

Look forward to serving you again soon :-)

Brendan Clarke
Red One looks better.

It’s a collectors item and a great conversation starter, I have both but the tuck on the Red one looks better as it’s more with the Avengers, Ironman, Black widow, ant-man, spider man color scheme compared to the purple one. The gold on the cards are not metallic but the pips and suits are well colored and look awesome.